Why segmenting your email list REALLY matters

Why segmenting your email list REALLY matters

“CONGRATULATIONS! You’re going to the Champions League Final”

What an email to receive – especially if you’re a Spurs or Liverpool fan.

With tickets for the all-English final being re-sold on eBay for up to £5,500, “low cost” Easyjet flights to Madrid costing upwards of £3,000 a seat, and hotel rooms in the Spanish capital booked out unless you fancy splurging £17,000 on a bed for the night, you’d be overjoyed to have received this email from online retailer Zavvi, wouldn’t you?

Zavvi ran the competition in conjunction with Champions League sponsor Mastercard, offering two adults an all-expenses paid trip to to the final – flights, hotel, tickets, food and drink, the works – all paid for.

So imagine the unbridled joy on the faces of the Spurs or Liverpool fan that received the following email:

” We here at Zavvi would like to wish you a huge congratulations as you have been chosen as the winner of our Mastercard competition, winning a VIP trip for two adults to attend the UEFA Champions League Final Madrid 2019.”

There was just one slight problem.

Some bright spark at Zavvi forgot to do one simple thing when sending the email out.

They forgot to segment their email list.

Rather than sending the email to the ONE person who had won the competition, they sent it to their ENTIRE database.


That’s a schoolboy error.

You would never make a mistake like that, would you?

If you’re like most business owners I see, then yes – you probably would. Business owner after business owner get lazy when marketing to their list, and don’t bother segmenting them.

I get emails asking me to buy products or services that I’ve already bought.

I get emails to my sports betting business trying to get me to sell flowery dresses.

I get emails to my property investment business, trying to get me to sign up to the latest cryptocurrency MLM scam.

I get emails addressed to “Dear NAME”.

I get emails that make no sense whatsoever.

segment your email lists

Why you should ALWAYS segment your email lists

Not segmenting your email list properly is the second biggest mistake I see business owners make when it comes to email marketing. It’s lazy, easily fixed, and if you’re not doing it, you’re leaving easy money on the table.

So what’s the biggest mistake?

Not having an email list full stop. (or “having” a list, but never emailing it.)

Time and time again, my advice to business owners is simple:

1. Build a list.
2. Make friends with the list.
3. Ask for the sale.

And time and time again, we don’t get past first base. “Building a list” just seems like hard work.

But it really isn’t – and it doesn’t have to be.

Using an email marketing list builder like Aweber (who I’ve used personally for the last 10+ years) makes building an email list (and segmenting it!) a piece of cake.


ps. I’m so unlucky, I’m the only person who DIDN’T “win” the Zavvi competition..

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