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John Lamerton Books

John Lamerton Books: Meet the “normal bloke from Plymouth…”

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big ideas for small businesses
big ideas for small businesses
big ideas for small businesses
big ideas for small businesses


Who is John Lamerton?

A self-styled “normal bloke from Plymouth”, John Lamerton is nothing special.

He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth – his dad was an electrician, and his mum worked in a sewing factory. John left school at 16 with a handful of GCSEs, and his English teacher’s parting words echoing in his ears: “you’re no writer, are you Lamerton?”.

After embarking on a career in the civil service – a path that he now calls “the Day Job from Hell”, John started an internet marketing company, despite:

  1. Not knowing anything about running a company.
  2. Not knowing anything about marketing.
  3. Not even owning a computer.

Undeterred, John picked up a copy of “Internet Marketing for Dummies”, read the book – and followed the instructions. Nine months later, John banked his first profits – £13.51. John kept reading books – and kept following the instructions. 9 months after cashing the £13.51 cheque, John quit the Day Job from Hell and hasn’t looked back since.

That was more than twenty years ago. Since then, John has been involved in more than 60 small businesses, and coaches around 100 small business owners, helping them design their businesses to deliver the lifestyle they truly want.

Today, John still reads books (around 50 a year) and still follows the instructions. Only now, he writes books too…

John says: “I write business books for normal people. Taking all the vague ideas and fluffy theories that I read about in other books, and applying them on the front lines.  That means that real business owners – either myself or one of my coaching clients, have tested the theory in the real world.

Once I’ve done that, I then write about it in plain English so that anyone can read it, understand it, and follow the instructions.”

Big Ideas… for Small Businesses – The first John Lamerton book.

Simple, practical tools and tactics to help your small business grow.

John says: “This is my blueprint for running a successful ambitious, lifestyle business. Everything I know from more than two decades of running more than sixty small businesses.

In it, I show you the five “magic ingredients” that guarantee you success – no matter what your business is. I demonstrate how I started my very first business with £100 of someone else’s money – and how you don’t need to be a millionaire to live like one.”

If you’d like a better work/life balance, to work less and earn more – this is the book for you.

Readers say: “John Lamerton’s books focus very much on an “ambitious lifestyle business” – creating a business that meets your needs, as well as allowing you to have a life, be a parent, be a husband, and have fun along the way.”

“I bought this book after first listening to it on Audible. It has been one of the best decisions I ever made! John had me completely hooked very early on. I felt myself getting motivated to make a change in my business. A change that is long overdue.”

“Unlike other business authors who focus on hustle, John’s style is very much about doing the 20% that gets 80% of the results, and do something revolutionary and actually SEE your wife and kids.”

“It has given me the motivation to not only get my arse in gear and take my “ambitious lifestyle business” to the next level but to put some plans in place and start taking action to leave my day job and focus on my business full time.”

“If you’re someone who struggles to read many business books, but you want to read something that inspires you and teaches you a few things, then this is your book. It’s a really easy read, packs plenty of interesting stories and value.”


The False EXIT: How To Exit Your Business (and Still Own it!)

John says: “In 2016, I accidentally exited my business. Following a failed £2 million sale, I set about trying to escape the Frankenstein’s Monster I’d created. I tried everything, including handing over 49% of the company for free and employing someone to run it for me. Nothing worked – until I accidentally stumbled on the False EXIT process – removing myself from the day-to-day operations, while still owning the business. To save you from making the mistakes I did, I share everything with you in this book.”

If you’re the bottleneck in your business: the gaffer, the boss, the MD, the CEO, the godlike genius through which everything runs (and without whom NOTHING happens, this is the book for you”)

Readers say: “If you are thinking about how to sell your business, then this is definitely the book for you. It has enabled me to reflect and consider what I love most about my business and what I like least. I always thought my business would just die with me, but now I’ve discovered that by evolving and making a few changes, it can live on!”

Don’t sell your business until you’ve read this book! It’s so helpful! It’s like an action plan of what you need to do to keep your business without selling it – and without working silly hours for no money.”

A game changer for business owners who are working too hard. A must-read for every business owner but particularly for those who have fallen out of love with their business and want to stop working so hard.”

Evergreen Assets – John’s most tactical marketing book

The ‘do the work once, reap the rewards again and again (and again!)’ content marketing ecosystem.

John says: “This is my most tactical book yet – and lays bare exactly how my businesses work: 

In it, you’ll learn how I generate leads, nurture those leads and then convert prospects into customers. Not only that, but you’ll also read how I make sure customers have got what they want, make everything run like clockwork – and turn one customer into more than one.

Evergreen Assets is a complete “swipe and deploy” ecosystem for running almost any business. Best of all, it’s centred around permanent “evergreen” marketing assets that enable you to work less and earn more.”

If you’re fed up with the constant ‘post 5 times a day on every platform” social media hamster wheel, then this is the book for you.

Readers say: “A real book for real people. If you want some hand-holding to build a reliable system for client acquisition and retention, without needing to spend 16 hours a day for the next ten years glued to your keyboard, then the book is for you”

“Incredible book that everyone needs to read if they’re fed up of exchanging every hour of work for £££. Enjoy your future; it’s about to get a whole lot easier.”

“Content creation, visibility and credibility are what produces results when it comes to online marketing and John has a powerful system that helps create effective and successful lifestyle businesses.”

“This book is full of great tips, just like his other books, to help you develop. Even if you think that you have done all you can, John Lamerton books – somehow – place ideas in your head that will help you see ‘holes’ in your plans, suggesting new ideas you never thought of. This is one great investment.” 


Routine Machine

How successful people improve their morning routine, daily habits, and guarantee themselves results.

John says:Consistency is a superpower. What you did yesterday doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done today. What you’re going to do tomorrow? That doesn’t really matter, either. What really matters is what you do every day.

Routine Machine shows you how a ‘normal bloke from Plymouth’ achieved more success than he ever dreamed (or deserved!!). How? By following a simple, everyday plan to achieve your goals. A plan that requires neither superhuman effort nor natural-born talent.  And that’s just as well, as I have neither!”

If you’re looking to become a better version of yourself and embrace the superpower of consistency, then this is the John Lamerton book for you.

Readers say: “As I worked through the book, I started making notes of all the routines that I could change. I know I won’t change all of them immediately, but I’ve started and it’s working. Routine Machine has created one of the biggest improvements in my quality of life this year.”

“I really enjoy the no-nonsense approach John takes to business and that means the ideas in this book are very easily implemented into your business/personal life without any head-scratching.”

“Routine Machine is the only book I’ve read a second time straight after the first – I am now actioning small tasks (without fail) each and every day which in turn is propelling me closer to my goals, giving me more energy and enthusiasm and freeing up time to do more of the things I love.”

“I wanted to work for myself so I could make my own rules and this book gave me the confidence I needed and put routines in place so I could get the work done routinely and have more time to spend with my family.”

My World Domination Plans

A.K.A: The really useful planner you’ll actually use.

John says: “I created this planner to scratch my own itch. You see, I’ve never been able to get on with online planners, or apps. Inevitably, I would always revert to my own, crudely-made, hand-designed planners that did what I wanted:

  • Maximise my productivity on a daily basis – every day.
  • Hold me accountable for the big plans that I make.
  • Achieve great things over a prolonged period of time.
  • To never feel overwhelmed, because I’ll always know what the most important thing is to do next.

It turns out, this planner was the ONE thing I needed to start making a difference in my business!

Readers say: “There is no fluff distracting you. It’s just your plans for your big goal. What need to get done is staring you right in your face. It’s like a low-cost mentor keeping you accountable.”

“This planner is so straightforward to follow and keeps you hyper-focused on each goal in order of priority and linked to your longer-term goals. You won’t find a better process to follow, and you won’t go wrong with this planner.”

“It’s valuable because it stops you from wasting time and helps you to actually achieve your goals. And if achieving your goals this year is valuable to you then it’s money well spent.”

“I’ve been using this John Lamerton book planner for a couple of years now, and it really does work. Blisteringly simple, easy to use, increases productivity like you wouldn’t believe.”

The 100 Best Business Books You Must Read

I’m John Lamerton, and this is my definitive top 100 books for business owners.

I’ve read more than 1,000 business books (and written four bestsellers myself), so I know what makes a really good business book. 

I’ve also been involved in more than 60 small businesses over two decades, so I understand that the best books for business owners aren’t theoretical – they’re full of actionable takeaways and frameworks that you can deploy on the front lines of running your own small business.

“John and Jason have been there and done it and don’t have an ego about it like many others.

I know I am better organised, better planned and prepared and more likely to succeed sooner, thanks to their wisdom and experience.”

Matt Tricot - 1upsearch

“Two normal blokes from Plymouth” John and Jason have been working together, building businesses for over two decades!

They’re the anti-gurus with a strong dislike of pseudo business psycho-babble. Their no-nonsense, straightforward approach with relatable and valuable advice has won them followers from all over the world. They’ve helped hundreds of business owners improve their businesses and lives.

The King of Can-do and the ‘Lazy’ Entrepreneur have a mountain of knowledge they’re happy to share.



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