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Two “normal blokes from Plymouth”, John and Jason have been working together, building businesses for the last two decades.

John Lamerton and Jason Brockman

John Lamerton and Jason Brockman – builders of small businesses!

True legends come in pairs – Hewlett and Packard, Marks and Spencer, Morecambe and Wise, Torvill and Dean, Cannon and Ball, Ant and Dec, and the Chuckle Brothers. Well, now you can add Lamerton and Brockman to that list.

Guru’s they ain’t.

John Lamerton is a former Civil Servant who, armed with a copy of Internet Marketing for Dummies, but without access to the Internet or even a computer, launched an Internet Marketing business in the year 2000. Amazingly, that worked out ok.

Jason Brockman joined the business three years later, after training as a nurse, working in market research, running a bar, selling mobile phones, and about a million other jobs. The phrase “jack of all trades” could have been made for him.

The boys started out with a website that told students where to get free sachets of shampoo, before starting another site that told people they’d been caught speeding (when
they hadn’t!), and one that told football fans where to get the best pies.

Before they knew it, they were running a dating website, selling office space, working with florists to sell online, and selling package holidays to the Algarve. They’ve also owned a bingo website, and a finance blog, sold mobile phone insurance and streamed live sports events.

Trust me, that’s the short version too – John and Jason have owned, operated, and invested in more than 100 different businesses since that first one in 2000.

They’ve done bloody well for themselves over the years though, and after exiting their main business in 2016, decided to share their knowledge and expertise with the public through their podcast, books and group coaching platform.

Meet John:

Meet Jason:

20 years in business:


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