Introducing the “Oh Shit’o’meter”

Introducing the “Oh Shit’o’meter”

Did your “Oh Shit’o’meter” go off this morning?

I was introduced to an interesting concept at one of our One Percent Club meetings last month – The “Oh Shit’o’meter”.

We were talking about problem staff – how to deal with them, when and how to get rid of them, and how to tell the difference between an A-player and a B-player.

Or more likely, the difference between a B-player, and a D-player.

One Percenter Chris introduced us all to the concept which helps you tell INSTANTLY when you’ve got a bad apple in your team, or when you’ve got a superstar whom you can’t function without.

If that person calls in sick in the morning, and your instant reaction isn’t “oh shit!”, then you’ve got a D-player.

If you react with a shrug of the shoulders, or even relief, then that person isn’t crucial to the success of your business, and you should probably consider their long term future.

But if your Oh Shit’o’meter is sounding the alarm loud and proud, you’ve probably got a superstar there who you rely heavily on. Look after them!!

What does your Oh Shit’o’meter tell you about YOUR team?

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Introducing the O’Shitometer

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“John and Jason have been there and done it and don’t have an ego about it like many others.

I know I am better organised, better planned and prepared and more likely to succeed sooner, thanks to their wisdom and experience.”

Matt Tricot - 1upsearch

“Two normal blokes from Plymouth” John and Jason have been working together, building businesses for over two decades!

They’re the anti-gurus with a strong dislike of pseudo business psycho-babble. Their no-nonsense, straightforward approach with relatable and valuable advice has won them followers from all over the world. They’ve helped hundreds of business owners improve their businesses and lives.

The King of Can-do and the ‘Lazy’ Entrepreneur have a mountain of knowledge they’re happy to share.



Could you improve your business by just 1% this week? Note: I said “improve”, NOT "grow" your business - growth might not be what you need.

More customers, more leads, more staff, more stress might be the last thing you need.

You might actually need more profit. more margin. more leverage.

More time, less stress, and a business that relies less on you as the "font of all knowledge and the godlike genius through which everything must flow".

For you, the answer could be a smaller team, less customers, and fewer products.

The One Percent Club won't help you grow your business. It'll help you IMPROVE it - 1% at a time. Baby steps. Steady, predictable improvement - towards the kind of business you wanted when you first started - one that delivers a fantastic lifestyle, and serves you rather than you serving it.

John released his first book “Big Ideas… for Small Businesses” in 2017, and it shot straight to the #1 bestseller list for Small Business and Entrepreneurship on Amazon, outselling books by Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Duncan Bannatyne combined.

Since then, it’s sold thousands and thousands of copies all over the world, and attracted more than 100 five-star reviews. But more importantly, it’s changed the lives of small business owners all over the world, who now understand that running a lifestyle business isn’t a bad thing.

I think you’ll like it…

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