Apple’s EvangeList REALLY saved the company

Apple’s EvangeList REALLY saved the company

In the mid 1990’s, tech giant Apple was on its knees.

It was trying to compete with Microsoft, and losing. It was trying to compete with Dell, Toshiba, and HP – and losing.

Apple came close to folding, until in 1995, some guy returned to Apple, having previously left the company under somewhat of a cloud in the mid-eighties.

No, not THAT guy.

Sure, we all know what happened when Steve Jobs returned in 1997 – the iPod. The iPhone. The iPad.

But without some other guy laying the foundations two years earlier, there may not have been a company for Jobs to return to.

That guy was Guy Kawasaki.

What did he do?

He created a mailing list.

As “Chief Evangelist”, Guy knew that he had to convince existing Mac users to keep buying Apple products, even if the financial press, and industry naysayers were predicting Apple was about to collapse.

He did this by creating a simple mailing list, to keep Apple fanboys and fangirls “in the loop” about Apple and its products. The EvangeList reached 40,000 subscribers – which doesn’t sound much these days (I’ve got more than 100,000 subscribers on one of my lists!), but remember this was the mid 1990’s – the Internet (and email) hadn’t gone mainstream yet.

Sure, it was Steve Jobs’s triumphant return in 1997 that ultimately propelled the company to become one of the most valuable brands in the world. However without Guy Kawasaki’s retention of their core fanbase, it’s entirely possible that you wouldn’t be able to read this on an iPhone or an iPad today.

And it all started with a mailing list.

1. Create a list.
2. Make friends with them.
3. Ask for the sale.

If it’s good enough for Apple, surely it’s good enough for you?

Evangelist Apple

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