#ALB69 – Meet The One Percenters

It is September, which means the doors to the One Percent Club are officially open! The One Percent Club is a community of like-minded business owners.
One Percenters want to be held accountable, they want focus, and they want structure.
In this episode John and Jason will give you a full insight into what happens within the One Percent Club, not only that, you will also have the opportunity to listen to existing members experiences.

Ambitious Lifestyle Business Podcast #69

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It is September, which means the doors to the One Percent Club are officially open!

The One Percent Club is a community of like-minded business owners, looking to grow their business, get more free time, and make more money – without just working harder.

One Percenters want to be held accountable, they want focus, and they want structure.

They understand that running a business can be lonely at times, and that hanging around with the right people is key.

In this episode John and Jason will give you a full insight into what happens within the One Percent Club, not only that, you will also have the opportunity to listen to existing members experiences and find out, the most beneficial things they have found to be in their time being a One Percenter.

[00:00:00] John Lamerton: [00:00:00] Don’t do it like that. You

[00:00:01] Jason Brockman: [00:00:01] want to do it like this?

[00:00:02] John Lamerton: [00:00:02] Don’t do it. Hey everybody. It’s John Lamberton alongside my good friend and business partner, mr. Jason Brockman. We are here for another episode of the ambitious lifestyle business podcast, where as always it is our job to help you get more customers and more money out, just working harder.

[00:00:23] So we’re like further ado. Let’s dive right into this month’s episode.

[00:00:30] Hi, everybody. Welcome to the latest app. So all the AOB podcasts and we once again, do not have a guest for you today. Just me and Jason. Actually, that’s not true. We have lots of guests. They’re just not here with us right now. Um, you may or may not know that we opened the doors to our 1% club, which is our group coaching platform in March and September.

[00:00:54] Every year, we are recording this just before September. So if you are listening to this one, it’s just come out. [00:01:00] Good news doors are open.

[00:01:02] Jason Brockman: [00:01:02] Um, what we thought we do.

[00:01:04] John Lamerton: [00:01:04] This month is actually bring back in all the ones. No, not actually, not all of them. We’ve had hundreds of hundreds of 1% is on this show.

[00:01:13] We’re going to bring in some of the one percenters that we’ve had appear on this podcast over the last couple of years, to tell you exactly how the 1% club has helped them and what they’ve got from it. So I think first of all, chase, we are going back. About 15 months to when we had Clark Duncan on the show with me,

[00:01:34] Jason Brockman: [00:01:34] I think we kind of go back to kind of our last episode that we just recorded, where we spoke about our journey.

[00:01:40] And actually it was well, your first mentor in business, really, they kind of got you into the online digital marketing. Um, so yeah, so that’s how far back I think we’re going, but we did get a Clark, one of our, one percenters onto, uh, AOB podcast. Um, yeah, probably about 15 months ago.

[00:01:56] John Lamerton: [00:01:56] Yeah, I thought it was talking a lot about the importance of mentoring.

[00:02:00] [00:01:59] That was the focus of our interview, but Oh shit. He actually, there, he told soundbite the importance and what he takes from our coaching calls that we do every month. So let’s hear what Clark has to say. I mean, one of the good things about being part of the 1% club is the unknown idea in the sense that I don’t sit there and go, Oh, I know everything.

[00:02:21] I’ve got a successful business talk, you know, you’re never going to know everything then. So we’re getting a bit, 1% club, as you can ask some really random questions, you know? I mean, I bet some people look at the questions I see in Gore. This guy has got successful business. Why is he asking this? And that’s how you learn.

[00:02:39] That’s how I’ve always, always believed that, you know, I would draw a little strip at one time and know how to do it. Then not ask the question and be forever ship it, you know? And that’s the way I look at things. Cause it’s just, you get a lot from listening to a lot of people, aim and you get even more by asking the questions.

[00:03:01] [00:03:00] So then it goes to Clark was talking about asking the right questions. Now, a couple of people who are always asking the right questions are Paul and Emily from parent guide to GCSE. And we were chatting with Paul and Emily around about a year ago now about talking about surrounding ourselves with the right people.

[00:03:22] Yeah. Yes.

[00:03:23] Jason Brockman: [00:03:23] Uh, having the right people around you to create what would be your virtual board of directors? Um, yeah, absolutely important.

[00:03:31] John Lamerton: [00:03:31] Because between us, we are hardworking and driven enough. We are smart enough. We are, I think, humble enough to know that we don’t

[00:03:39] Jason Brockman: [00:03:39] know everything

[00:03:40] John Lamerton: [00:03:40] and we need to surround ourselves with smart people who have been there and done this.

[00:03:45] And learn from them, which is one of the many reasons we joined the 1% club, because it

[00:03:50] Jason Brockman: [00:03:50] makes such a difference to have

[00:03:52] John Lamerton: [00:03:52] a

[00:03:52] Jason Brockman: [00:03:52] group of like minded people

[00:03:54] John Lamerton: [00:03:54] to talk to and say that we’re thinking of doing this and they’ll go on. I don’t do like that.

[00:03:57] Jason Brockman: [00:03:57] I’ve tried that.

[00:03:58] John Lamerton: [00:03:58] Do it like this. Have you thought [00:04:00] about trying this.

[00:04:03] So there you go. Don’t do it like that. Do it like this Harry Enfield character. Isn’t it.

[00:04:08] Jason Brockman: [00:04:08] That’s exactly what it is. Yes.

[00:04:09] John Lamerton: [00:04:09] So if you want to be in a room full of , don’t do it like that. You want to do it like this. Don’t do it.

[00:04:17] Jason Brockman: [00:04:17] Your infractions are John. And this one,

[00:04:21] John Lamerton: [00:04:21] actually, since I normally do very well with accents, don’t I?

[00:04:24] Yes, indeed. Someone else who was talking about the importance of. Who you hang around with it. It’s one of these things we talked about, you know, the, uh, I think it’s Jim Romans said, you know, you are the average of the five people you hang around with. And Navarro rabbit was saying about, there’s a like chimps theory that you can gauge the attitude of any Chimp by the five chimps that he spends the most time with.

[00:04:51] And. Someone else he talked about, this was Jamie raves from best singing waiters. And Jamie talked about the importance of hanging [00:05:00] around with like minded people.

[00:05:04] Jason Brockman: [00:05:04] It’s always important to align yourself with people that have

[00:05:06] John Lamerton: [00:05:06] got similar values to you. And when I read your first book, um, I was like, that’s how I want to run my business.

[00:05:16] And it was probably at the time where things were going a little bit wrong as well. I was like running a business like that makes total sense to me. Um, So that was the main reason was so that I could be closer to you guys so that I can copy your model model and put that into my own business. Yeah. So thanks Jamie for that.

[00:05:41] I think I’m wanting to, what was it? You said, copy our model and put that into his own business. I mean, there’s nothing wrong. We’ve always said we’re swipe and deploy. Um, so much of success in business comes from. Looking at what works in a completely different sector and [00:06:00] making it your own. Um, but I think one of the things we’ve also become a little bit famous or infamous for which make you look at it is actually helping people find that.

[00:06:12] Model that is right for them and their business. If that makes sense. It

[00:06:17] Jason Brockman: [00:06:17] does. Yeah. And a, and a little bit of focus as well. Once they found that model as to which kind of direction they need, they need to be kind of heading in really. Um, there’s no one that likes to chase squirrels more than the next person that we’re going to, to write to speak with.

[00:06:32] And that’s a young Ben Knight from high five children’s clinic. I think actually that’s probably one of the biggest takeaways or perhaps from being apart of

[00:06:43] John Lamerton: [00:06:43] that club. Um, it’s a whole,

[00:06:47] Jason Brockman: [00:06:47] yeah.

[00:06:48] John Lamerton: [00:06:48] Customer down the street in November, not feeling the need

[00:06:51] Jason Brockman: [00:06:51] to

[00:06:51] John Lamerton: [00:06:51] say yes, everything and, you know,

[00:06:53] Jason Brockman: [00:06:53] chasing every.

[00:06:55] John Lamerton: [00:06:55] How than every

[00:06:56] Jason Brockman: [00:06:56] customer,

[00:06:58] John Lamerton: [00:06:58] it’s thinking more about [00:07:00] strategically, what do we want to achieve?

[00:07:02] Who are we, what’s our identity. And I’m saying, what do we do to make sure we’re working towards our one big thing? You know, rather than everything on the kid to kid do less,

[00:07:11] Jason Brockman: [00:07:11] less shiny objects, that’s

[00:07:13] John Lamerton: [00:07:13] something

[00:07:14] Jason Brockman: [00:07:14] that I need every single one.

[00:07:16] John Lamerton: [00:07:16] Now it’s not, this is my one thing.

[00:07:18] Jason Brockman: [00:07:18] They’re all

[00:07:18] John Lamerton: [00:07:18] my kids. And this is my today.

[00:07:21] Jason Brockman: [00:07:21] And that’s been

[00:07:22] John Lamerton: [00:07:22] the big thing for me to sort of. Help me to focus in and

[00:07:27] Jason Brockman: [00:07:27] work out really is that

[00:07:28] John Lamerton: [00:07:28] thing is the best thing for us as a business today.

[00:07:31] Jason Brockman: [00:07:31] So yeah, that’s been a big,

[00:07:34] John Lamerton: [00:07:34] a big thing I’ve taken from the last year being half the 1% up. Definitely. Yeah, I think, um, shiny object syndrome, chasing squirrels, a shiny

[00:07:45] Jason Brockman: [00:07:45] penny syndrome.

[00:07:47] John Lamerton: [00:07:47] However you want to describe it is the curse of the entrepreneur. Isn’t it?

[00:07:51] Jason Brockman: [00:07:51] It is. And we don’t really do a lot to help that because obviously we, we provide loads and loads of content as a new master class every single month. And that may provide the [00:08:00] opportunity to chase yet and never square or find that shiny object.

[00:08:03] But the good thing about being a part of the club is that we can kind of go. Ah, that’s not for you to do right now. That’s something for you to put on your could do list. And we will look at that when it’s time to do it. So whether that’s your Facebook ads or whether that’s the Google ads or webinars landing pages or whatever the masterclasses might be about, it is something that you might want to get around to at some point for your business, but it isn’t necessarily what you need to do right now and drive everything else at the cost of it.

[00:08:28] John Lamerton: [00:08:28] Definitely. We, we do give you a lot of ideas. There’s a lot of inspiration. That’s going to come from being part of the website club. But we are also there to say no, no bad entrepreneur, bad business owner. Don’t do that. Um, someone else who’s very good at barking orders like that these days is mr. Harris from Harris homes.

[00:08:48] Um, now when we first met mr. Harris, he was not from Harris homes. He was running, um, a very big, uh, online retail company. Wasn’t he.

[00:08:59] Jason Brockman: [00:08:59] Yeah. [00:09:00] And high street, high street store and the warehouse kind of thing. Yeah. It all kind of quite a, quite a big kind of business really, um, in the home and gifting sectors.

[00:09:09] John Lamerton: [00:09:09] Yup. Um, you know, self-started 300 pounds. I think he got started with and grew to a 5 million pound business. Um, but hated it. And wasn’t enjoying it and was working all the hours and doing all the work and realizing that it was very little lifestyle. In this business for him, uh, there was lots of ambition, but not necessarily the lifestyle.

[00:09:30] So I think when we spoke to Chris, um, on the podcast, he made the change. I think he came to one of our, one of our 1% club coaching call meetings and just. Through the spanner in the works one day of, I feel like, was, he said, I feel like throwing it all in giving up and walking dogs on the beach.

[00:09:50] Jason Brockman: [00:09:50] Pretty much what he said.

[00:09:51] John Lamerton: [00:09:51] Yeah. And I think we eventually just said, well, why don’t you then? So, so let’s, let’s hear from Chris how we [00:10:00] helped him find the right business model for him. So

[00:10:05] Jason Brockman: [00:10:05] being in the warm scent curve for.

[00:10:08] John Lamerton: [00:10:08] I don’t know, a year and a half,

[00:10:09] Jason Brockman: [00:10:09] two years maybe. Yeah. I mean,

[00:10:12] John Lamerton: [00:10:12] certainly helped me make the decision to

[00:10:16] Jason Brockman: [00:10:16] sort of obviously,

[00:10:17] John Lamerton: [00:10:17] um, offload the sort of previous I’ll probably put up a little bit wrong there.

[00:10:22] Um,

[00:10:24] Jason Brockman: [00:10:24] think about,

[00:10:25] John Lamerton: [00:10:25] you know, what I want, you know, initially I think in, um, Plymouth exactly. You go to all these networking meetings everyone’s on, about grow and build and create a big company and make all this money

[00:10:41] Yeah, but actually, is that ultimately what you want? You know, and I think, I think this idea of this ambitious lifestyle will actually, you can be ambitious. You can have a good company, but actually. Okay. The better you time on there as well. It took me maybe a year. I mean, the one sec I used to go along to the quite often what we [00:11:00] do, campaigns or

[00:11:00] Jason Brockman: [00:11:00] schemes

[00:11:01] John Lamerton: [00:11:01] have expanded or improved, but I never really thought about me.

[00:11:04] And I think there’s maybe do that a little bit more. Um, But, you know, it’s great, you know, you chat to other people in similar ideas. You know, if these guys, the solution is generally, I think how many people, 50 people, it’s 50 other people who do shout as you know, every now and then I’ll come up with something in the ad and I’ll just go through the,

[00:11:23] Jason Brockman: [00:11:23] you know, what would you guys think?

[00:11:26] John Lamerton: [00:11:26] Yeah, Chris, that’s good. That’s bad. This is a different option. If you thought about this, it’s good. Just to bounce ideas off. I think that’s where I’ve got quite a bit from it and I think use it. You know all the time, but it’s there. Like, do you need it? You know, a lot of people were really, really active in there.

[00:11:38] You know, North lot from me, we should get, I think, I think that’s the best way to use it is to be active and to engage when you’ve been a problem, just to share it. And that’s how we get solution for it. Uh, one person, we did find a solution for a was Carly, Carly, some of it wasn’t it,

[00:11:58] Jason Brockman: [00:11:58] it was.

[00:12:00] [00:11:59] John Lamerton: [00:11:59] And we spoke to Carly during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

[00:12:03] Anybody remember that? That was cool. So yeah, we are still. Remembering that we’re still dealing with that, but we are dealing with it. Um, we thought it’s Carly during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the colony is actually an ex 1% percenter. She’s come back a few times. She’s come back into the fray.

[00:12:20] Um, we were talking to Carly about exactly what she got from a 1% for being part of the one st glove and how it helped her make a decision that made a big, big difference in her life. Yeah, maybe it’s coming up to three years actually, because I remember joining in the January and. We were at the pub in Plimpton.

[00:12:45] And I remember being there and thinking, Oh, this is a little bit

[00:12:49] Jason Brockman: [00:12:49] different,

[00:12:50] John Lamerton: [00:12:50] but I’ll give it again. And I said that my fast one thing was going to be to get a commercial business premises. And there was a few people like [00:13:00] you can’t do that. You’re not going to be able to achieve, to get the lease. And you’re not going to be able to do it within the month.

[00:13:06] And, um, yeah, I did. I went and I managed to get my commercial premises at priority mail business park and yeah, I guess the rest was history. It was a fast, big thing. I think I did for my business. Um, it needed to be done and the group pushed me to do it. I made the decision to do it and then yeah. Went for it.

[00:13:28] And that’s how it started really. Uh, yeah, it’s, it is one of the things we will, we like to pride ourselves on. I think you, in particular pride yourselves on the pride yourselves, pride yourself on

[00:13:42] Jason Brockman: [00:13:42] pushing people

[00:13:42] John Lamerton: [00:13:42] and making sure that they, they do what they say they’re gonna do, but B they do actually challenge themselves.

[00:13:49] Don’t you.

[00:13:50] Jason Brockman: [00:13:50] Yeah, it’s absolutely important when you can come to decisions. Because decision making is one of the biggest problems with being a small business owner knows you kind of have to make some decisions, but when you kind of maybe make them, you kind of [00:14:00] like sometimes and do some bit procrastination and things don’t necessarily come out in any particular timeframe and things don’t tend to happen.

[00:14:07] Other things take policy. So we kind of try to make that. Possible by a weekly accountability call ready. So people book a slot in with me just 15 minutes to talk about what I want to do to achieve what they have achieved and what they’re gonna achieve next week. And we just kind of hold a little bit accountable to making sure these things are done.

[00:14:25] John Lamerton: [00:14:25] Definitely, um, someone else who was, um, very, very keen on the accountability aspect was, um, Chris King. Um, now Chris is an ex Pat, so he’s based over in Japan. Um, it’s one of the, the B one of the wonderful things about being a business owner is you are in charge. You answer to nobody, um, One of the worst things about being a business owner is that you’re in charge and you answer to nobody.

[00:14:52] So obviously Chris can be a little bit isolated maybe out there on his own. And I think being part of the 1% club helps [00:15:00] him have someone who he is answerable to,

[00:15:04] Jason Brockman: [00:15:04] but yes, how can we focus on

[00:15:05] John Lamerton: [00:15:05] time management? And also

[00:15:07] Jason Brockman: [00:15:07] why can we be guys

[00:15:09] John Lamerton: [00:15:09] in the similar business to me, which has been helpful, but also in the kind of diverse.

[00:15:14] You know, the Apple pay tool in the group as a diverse group of people and so skip to listen to them. Um, so yeah,

[00:15:22] Jason Brockman: [00:15:22] focus,

[00:15:23] John Lamerton: [00:15:23] time management,

[00:15:24] Jason Brockman: [00:15:24] accountability.

[00:15:28] John Lamerton: [00:15:28] It’s interesting. Isn’t it? Cause

[00:15:29] Jason Brockman: [00:15:29] people,

[00:15:31] John Lamerton: [00:15:31] we do a little onboarding survey when people join the 1% club. And one of the questions we ask on there, why have you joined the one st club?

[00:15:37] Uh, what do you hope that you can achieve? How, how are you hoping to grow as a result of. Becoming a WebCenter and I would say probably 70, 80% of those of the people who answered that question, say, I want to accountability. I want someone to hold my feet to the fire and to make sure that I not only make a plan and that I critique the [00:16:00] plan and that I optimize it, but I actually.

[00:16:03] Bloody do the work.

[00:16:05] Jason Brockman: [00:16:05] Absolutely. And yeah, as we’ve already kind of said, chasing squirrels change things, shiny objects tends to get in the way of giving the stuff that really matters. And where I kind of, during our time with our 1% is we’ve identified what their, what they need to be doing, what they could do for their, for their, uh, for the business growth.

[00:16:23] And then now yeah. Make sure that that kind of happens really. That’s the key aspect. Um, cause otherwise yeah, three months down the road you go, Whoa, what have I done? Oh, well I’m no further ahead. I’ve not got anything. You know, it’s kind of, I haven’t launched that product that I’ve been talking about.

[00:16:35] I’ve not launched that new thing that I’ve got to do. I’ve not increased the number of sales because I was going to do this campaign. I haven’t started sending an email newsletter I’ve I have no idea what to put in to that. Can we talk about that every week? You know, those kind of things and we just make sure that those things

[00:16:50] John Lamerton: [00:16:50] happen.

[00:16:51] Yeah. One of my favorite moments of doing the website club coaching has got to be when we do a coaching call and someone comes on and they say, [00:17:00] I’ve got this idea, what does ever one thing. And then the whole room just goes, how are you thinking where’s this come from this isn’t on your plan. You’re supposed to be doing a, B and C.

[00:17:11] Have you done that? No, no, no. The copying looking at apps. I was right in the front of my mind. So I’ll be looking at site hustles. You know, I’ve been looking at a completely different business in a completely different sector. I’m doing a joint venture with this person,

[00:17:30] no bad entrepreneur, bad business ever stop it.

[00:17:35] Jason Brockman: [00:17:35] We’re going to record that just for a

[00:17:39] John Lamerton: [00:17:39] bit. And then I’ve just needed, you know, you get these same boards. Yep. I can just press that anytime I want it.

[00:17:45] Jason Brockman: [00:17:45] So that would be routine ding

[00:17:55] John Lamerton: [00:17:55] obviously as a business owner, listening out there, you can just make that little snippet yourself, [00:18:00] set it as your ring tone. Um, just set it off randomly. Whenever you’re having a bad idea, just have me in your ear going no. Wow. Business owner, bad entrepreneurs. Stop

[00:18:10] Jason Brockman: [00:18:10] it back on track. You’re on a roof,

[00:18:14] John Lamerton: [00:18:14] three doing stick to the plan.

[00:18:17] Jason Brockman: [00:18:17] Go left. Don’t go. Right. Stay straight on.

[00:18:20] John Lamerton: [00:18:20] Yeah. So our final, I find a one percenter that we’re going to talk to today. It was actually one of our most recent guests, uh, Rupert Bassett, Donnie, who we spoke to. Um, I want to say in our June, June, or July, Episode. Um, and we asked we have three, but what was the one thing that the one st club had helped him the most?

[00:18:42] Yes. Rupert didn’t have one thing. Did he? He didn’t,

[00:18:46] Jason Brockman: [00:18:46] here’s what he did have.

[00:18:49] John Lamerton: [00:18:49] And I think that the clue is in the title,

[00:18:52] Jason Brockman: [00:18:52] because

[00:18:53] John Lamerton: [00:18:53] for me, it’s not, it’s not one thing

[00:18:57] Jason Brockman: [00:18:57] or that’s the one thing is all the little things.

[00:19:00] [00:19:00] John Lamerton: [00:19:00] So. It’s it’s it is

[00:19:03] Jason Brockman: [00:19:03] it’s the 90 day. The plan, it’s the time blocking.

[00:19:06] John Lamerton: [00:19:06] It’s the connections with like minded business owners.

[00:19:09] It’s a, it’s the idea of

[00:19:11] Jason Brockman: [00:19:11] creating

[00:19:11] John Lamerton: [00:19:11] a vision board. Um,

[00:19:14] Jason Brockman: [00:19:14] and it’s all those things, and it’s

[00:19:15] John Lamerton: [00:19:15] not just all those things that have already come through and already available,

[00:19:19] Jason Brockman: [00:19:19] but it’s the,

[00:19:20] it’s

[00:19:20] John Lamerton: [00:19:20] the, it’s it consistently. Is new things every time. I think, I don’t know if I’ve got time to go on this, on this coaching call and I go on it and I always come away with something.

[00:19:33] It’s funny, isn’t it? I’ve been doing masterminds for nearly 10 years now. And I’m the same. I go in not having a question. Or I have one specific question. And then also like a way with three pages of notes based on the conversations that other people are having. And this comes back to again, I think giving people the ideas and stirring up that entrepreneurial brain, but also sometimes [00:20:00] when someone else is getting the bollocking and being told, but entrepreneur bad business owner, no, stop it.

[00:20:05] Jason Brockman: [00:20:05] You hear that

[00:20:06] John Lamerton: [00:20:06] yourself and you think, ah, yeah, I just need the little course correction here.

[00:20:11] Jason Brockman: [00:20:11] Yeah. I mean, businesses that can be different sectors, different styles, different, you know, different models or whatever, but the fundamentals are kind of the same. And actually, if you know, one, one business is having a problem with something staff say, for example, then there are going to be like the businesses, which also have that same problem or they might want to be hiring.

[00:20:29] And once we avoid those problems, it’s just lazy, lazy, you know? That the key and the success of every coaching call is to listen to what’s being asked and then try and find a place where it fits within your business or where you can use it. It always nuggets in other people’s questions, because for some reason, other people always ask better questions.

[00:20:48] John Lamerton: [00:20:48] I saw the perspective, I think, because it’s the old thing of you can’t see that for the trees when you’re in it. Yeah. Um, and again, the amount of times I’ve gone into, uh, one of my own kind of masterminds as a business owner, [00:21:00] and I’ve asked the question. And then I’ve received feedback yeah. From the wisdom in the room and I’ve read what I’ve written down.

[00:21:08] And I thought, well, that’s exactly the same bloody advice I would give. If someone else was asking me that question, but I couldn’t come up with it myself.

[00:21:16] Jason Brockman: [00:21:16] Yeah.

[00:21:17] John Lamerton: [00:21:17] So yeah, Rupert said it’s not one thing. It’s the combination of many things. And that is the ethos of the 1% club. It’s not about the elite. It is about marginal 1% gains and making these small little changes every single day, every single weekend, every single month in your business, this stack up that compound and lead to exponential growth.

[00:21:39] Um, People might come for the accountability, but they stay for the comradery. They stay for the inspiration. They stay for the focus they stay for. Dare I say the, um, I think it’s the, the Hanson chaps that run it very, very big inspiration people staying. [00:22:00] Um, that and the handcuffs, we just don’t let people leave.

[00:22:04] That also works.

[00:22:05] Jason Brockman: [00:22:05] So

[00:22:06] John Lamerton: [00:22:06] if you listen to this, you think of, okay, the one st look could be for me. Um, I think I’ve got a bit of a bat, an eye, better idea now what it is and how it works. Let’s kind of work you through what you’re going to get. So. Planning focus is the first thing you’re going to get one of these, um, for those listening on the audio that works audio audio, that works really well.

[00:22:28] Doesn’t it? Me holding a book up to a camera that you can see I’m holding up. Let me flip through the

[00:22:32] Jason Brockman: [00:22:32] pages. If missing something in there.

[00:22:34] John Lamerton: [00:22:34] See if you can hear this, hang on. There you go. I’m flicking pages there of, so this is my world domination planner. Um, These are the actual planning tools that I use to plan out my business on a 90 day basis.

[00:22:49] If you’ve read routine machine, I kind of walk people through the process that I go through there. You’re going to get physical planner there, which will help you make a 90 day plan [00:23:00] to move your business forward. You’re going to get the one set way. No. The 1% way is a series of more than 200 of these little, 1% small gains delivered by email.

[00:23:14] You’re going to get a new one every single week, sometimes two a week. And the idea is obviously you stack them up and again, you get that kind of exponential growth, um, and stability. I don’t know if we’ve mentioned accountability. Um, it’s quite important. We do quite a lot of that where you do one to one where people every week.

[00:23:34] Jason Brockman: [00:23:34] Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. There’s that, there’s a group accountability. People put in a group, what they’re, what they’re going to be doing. And sometimes even with consequences, sometimes they want to fund. No certain political parties or political yeah. Entities. Sometimes they have other, but yeah, absolutely. A deadline, uh, push people for good deadlines when they say they’re going to do something to make sure that that’s kind of happen.

[00:23:57] Public policy happens really [00:24:00] well and they, yeah, they get the things done. They want to be doing

[00:24:03] John Lamerton: [00:24:03] again. I love nothing more than seeing the fear. And entrepreneur’s eyes when they mentioned our coaching call that they thinking about doing something and then Jason gets his pen out and goes, okay, so when’s that happening?

[00:24:14] You can just see the fear. And I said, Oh shit, I’ve just committed to something. Now I need to actually do it. So. If you want to be held accountable, if you need to be held accountable, we’ve got a process there that will say you can jump on a one to one call with Jace every week. You’ve got a, we do three of these.

[00:24:31] We’ve mentioned the coaching course ropes. We’ve got three 90 minute coaching calls. Every single month. We do one in the morning, one in the afternoon. What in the evening you don’t have to attend all three. I think the people that get there value for the mom and st club probably do try and attend all three, but.

[00:24:50] As many as you can, this is your opportunity to get everybody in the room, working on your issues, your problems, your opportunities [00:25:00] is the, uh, is the proper mastermind. And you’re going to get three opportunities a month to do that. Uh, it runs on a hot seat basis and I think. Even now. I mean, we were, we did a coaching call this week.

[00:25:14] Didn’t we and Clark, who obviously we opened this episode with, Oh, I’ve missed the last one and watch the replay of it. Cause all the, all of our coaching calls are available to watch on replay as well. So if you can’t make it live, you can always. But your headphones on, get a cup of tea and watch other people I’m getting grilled and get the benefit from that.

[00:25:37] But Clark said it was so useful and here’s someone who was my mentor. 20 years ago, he was ahead of where I was 20 years ago. He’s run multiple businesses. He knows what he’s doing. Um, I think one of the first things he said on, on today’s episode was I’m not an idiot and he’s truly not, but he was able to watch a coaching [00:26:00] call still know, and he’s been in business 25 years or 30 years.

[00:26:04] And he still gets something from that core. And I think that’s what Rupert was saying about. You might go into it thinking, I’m not sure if I’m going to get anything from this. And then suddenly, Whoa, where did those two, three pages of notes come from? We do monthly training as well. So every single month we do, we aim for like a 60 minute master class, which is a bit of a deep dive into one particular topic.

[00:26:31] Um, We’ve kind of done quite a few of those I’m way

[00:26:35] Jason Brockman: [00:26:35] we have. Yeah. We’re where we’re an expert in to join us. Don’t wait to talk about the different areas where it is, but it’s um, yeah, probably about 30, um, covering everything from writing emails, weekly newsletters. Three two, as I mentioned earlier, Google ads, Facebook ads, social media, lots and lots of different things, really lots of different areas, which you might not know about because you know, you’re going to business and you look after what you’re good at [00:27:00] is, is doing the do, but actually all of these things, which go into making the marketing for the business and whatever else, um, is if, what you perhaps don’t know so much about.

[00:27:07] And, and these master classes will give you a good insight into what those, uh, what those pillars are that you can use.

[00:27:13] John Lamerton: [00:27:13] Yeah, exactly. If you’re looking, you know, if you start think, Oh, I wish I learned, you know, I wish I had someone yeah. Could teach me SEO or how to do YouTube or how to build an email list or how to sort my pricing out, how to build it landing page, how to focus on keeping customers.

[00:27:29] Yeah, we’ve, we’ve recorded training on all of those. I said, there’s about 30 in there. You will get access to everything, all the content we’ve ever recorded. Um, once you’re one center, you’ve got access to all that. So all the master classes we recorded two years ago, you’ve got them. You know, probably over a hundred coaching calls that you could work through.

[00:27:49] They’re all kind of organized as well. So if you wanted to see, you know, for example, let’s say that that coach called mentioned, we talked about landing pages. Oh, have a look at this one. We’re [00:28:00] talking about landing pages. There was a coaching call. We did seven months ago. We talked about outsourcing. So if you’re looking at hiring someone from the Philippines, have a look at this coaching call, it’s all organized.

[00:28:11] It’s all there for you. Um, I guess one of the last things to talk about is possibly one of the most important which several of our guests have talked about today. And that is the power of the 1% community. Um, from day one, we’ve been very deliberate about the kind of people we want in the 1 cent club.

[00:28:38] And the ethos that we want to, to build a genuine community of people who genuinely give a shit about their fellow one percenters and. Here we are now three years into running the wrong syncope. I think we’ve done a pretty good job. Don’t wait if I do say so, let me see if

[00:28:58] Jason Brockman: [00:28:58] I can get absolutely. I mean, the guys [00:29:00] there, when the grapes are just

[00:29:01] John Lamerton: [00:29:01] amazing, they’re so

[00:29:02] Jason Brockman: [00:29:02] supportive of each other.

[00:29:03] They’re so open and free with their advice and also their therefores and their, their needs as well, which is really good if they’re, if someone’s having a really tough time. They can they feel that they’re able to share that with us. And then they’ve got so many people in their virtual arms around them and helping them through, through whatever that might be.

[00:29:21] And, yeah. And there’s less the loads of issues which crafted the business. You do feel awfully alone when these things happen and you’re the only person who can handle them. Well, actually, no, have the

[00:29:31] John Lamerton: [00:29:31] 1% of community that we

[00:29:32] Jason Brockman: [00:29:32] have, you’ve got a whole team of people that are behind you that support you and be able to either guide you in the right direction.

[00:29:38] If you need a kind of push push. Would that help with that issue? Or just be there to go, Oh, that’s really tough. I’ve done that as well. I’ve had that issue. I’ve done that this has happened to me or, you know, yeah. We’ve been there and we’ve lived it because yeah. There’s 50 people there who have 50 different businesses, rabies, different businesses.

[00:29:55] We’ve all had those same kind of issues. So absolutely fantastic. And yeah, absolutely proud of each and every one [00:30:00] of them.

[00:30:00] John Lamerton: [00:30:00] Definitely. I think some of my favorite stories obviously pre locked down.

[00:30:04] Jason Brockman: [00:30:04] Where people,

[00:30:05] John Lamerton: [00:30:05] excuse me, people traveling, you know, the other end of the country just cause someone needed cheering up.

[00:30:12] They needed the arm around the shoulder. They needed to just have a coffee and just download and just, yeah. Um, it can be a lonely place being an entrepreneur. And I think one of the main things we really wanted to get across with one sector is this is a true. Community. I’ve been part of business groups that have the, Oh, that’s the Facebook group.

[00:30:33] Yeah. That’s, that’s part of it, but this isn’t a. A Facebook group for you to spam your marketing Monday offers in, or, you know, let’s, let’s promote our business and that, you know, what’s the ROI of posting in here. This is a community group that you can actually see your friends and they are your friends.

[00:30:55] And it’s interesting to see. And even the many, you know, some of the [00:31:00] people that are no longer one centers are still lifelong friends because of the 1% club. There are joint ventures and businesses that exist that would not exist without the one st clubs. So really, really proud of what we’ve created here.

[00:31:15] Um, As I said, if, if you think the 1% club could be for you, have a look at the website, big idea.co.uk, and just click on the tab that says 1% club. If you’re listening to this in September, obviously doors will be open and you can literally pick on the apply button and you can fill in the onboarding questionnaire and tell us how important accountability is to you.

[00:31:37] Um, If your listings is outside of our opening windows of March and September, then again, just go to the website, big idea dot Cody. Okay. Click on 1% club. And we’ll, there’s a little countdown timer that will tell you when we’re next open, but you can also join the waiting list. Um, and what you get then is you get a little bit of kind of

[00:31:55] Jason Brockman: [00:31:55] pre

[00:31:56] John Lamerton: [00:31:56] pre sales stuff for me, a little bit of education, a little bit of help

[00:31:59] Jason Brockman: [00:31:59] to get [00:32:00] you ready

[00:32:01] John Lamerton: [00:32:01] so that when the doors do open, you can hit the ground running and we can just start smashing those targets and get the business that you want.

[00:32:09] Um, any, any final thoughts, Jason?

[00:32:12] Jason Brockman: [00:32:12] I don’t know why you haven’t already applied. Get on the click.

[00:32:15] John Lamerton: [00:32:15] I don’t need to, I own the club, but it needs to apply.

[00:32:19] Jason Brockman: [00:32:19] All right.

[00:32:22] John Lamerton: [00:32:22] You’re the listener. Is that what you mean?

[00:32:24] Jason Brockman: [00:32:24] You the listener? Yes. Just apply if you, I mean, if you’re, if you’re really unsure or if Lindsey, um, find us both on Facebook, drop us a message and we will quite happily go through anything you’ve got questions with as well.

[00:32:37] So that’s a good thing as well.

[00:32:39] John Lamerton: [00:32:39] I would say. Or find one of the guests that have been on here because you know, these people genuinely are advocates for what we do. We haven’t just, you know, ask them for testimonials and paid the money. These guys have volunteered their time to talk about either one sec, let’s help them.

[00:32:54] So, you know, don’t take our word for how great it is to find any of the current one centers [00:33:00] and just. Ask their honest opinion about whether it would work for you. Um, yeah. Hope that’s helped guys. I think that’s been, it’s been an interesting episode for us to record. Um, but yeah, I hope you found that useful and we will see you next month on the AOB podcast.

[00:33:16] See you later. Hello. So there we are another episode in the cab. How was it for you? Please let us know. How do you listen to these podcasts? Please leave a review on that platform. That’s now what we can do better. What you like, what you don’t like and how we can improve to make this show even better.

[00:33:34] We’ll see you next time.

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